The rain and cool weather seem to dance around, telling everyone it’s officially fall. Boot weather. Pick up the orange leaves weather. But, I’m not going to lie, Fall has been not kind to me. I have been caught up in a whirlwind of things happening, one right after the other, that have knocked me to the ground. It’s usually my favorite season, but I haven’t had time to enjoy it because of the crisis mode I’m in. “Just get through. Just get through.” And sometimes, this fall, I have even been so scared, I didn’t know I could go there. I’m always the one taking care of the pets, Natalie, my loved ones. How did I end up in the hospital, so weak I couldn’t even raise my hands to brush my teeth? I needed someone to brush my teeth!! And not just anyone, my wife Natalie. And when this little fall treat arrived on my kitchen counter, sparkling of caramel and fall, I knew that although I’m strong enough now to raise my hands and even pick up my camera to shoot weddings, she was still there, going to my endless doctor appointments, helping me catch up with work, and listening to me when I want to throw the countless pills in the trash because of all the side effects. We are so close to figuring out a long term plan that will be easy and ensure I never fall into this situation again. I finally have an amazing medical team. And there will be next fall, that Natalie and I can both enjoy. Picking apples. Carving pumpkins. Because we will always support each other. Forever and always.


I’ve been thinking about you friend and hoping you’re on the mend. Let me know when you have some time, I’d love to sit and have a cup of tea with you. Perhaps we can do it at your home this winter:) xo, S

I am so glad that you are recovering and this is SO SWEET. Way to make me tear up at work. Again. =P