Fall Drive Through Connecticut

Natalie and I moved to New Haven, CT only a few months ago. We are still trying to get the knack of things here: where to go, what to see, what to do. So after a failed attempt at playing at a pumpkin patch in October(they had no pumpkins! $$^%^&) we decided to take a drive through some Connecticut backroads. With the fall leaves at their peak, I have to admit, I was totally taken. The oranges from the trees were just bursting off the leaves and we even saw 7 wild turkeys. And yes, I did make gobbling noises at them only to have them run away. I guess I’m one big, malformed, loser turkey to them.

Before turning back to go home, we parked at one overlook of some trees and I took a few photographs. I’m pretty sure when I have kids they won’t recognize me without a lens in front of my face. Ah well.

The second photograph I totally heart because it’s the *exact* face Natalie makes *every* time she laughs.



ZOMG Natalie is hot!