Exchange Conference Center Wedding // Heather and Jessica

One of my best friends just started really planning her wedding and while we were on the phone chatting about what she’s looking for in a photographer (I’m going to be a guest, I can’t even believe it! I’m so excited! I’m probably going to dance until Natalie falls over.) and the same thing kept coming up. Lack of information about everything. Was the wedding she was looking at real? How much did it cost? When was the wedding? How many guests could really expect to be in that venue? After I hung up, I kinda sat there for a second. Having started So You’re EnGAYged in 2008, I was surrounded by the wedding blog world for a long long time. I could spot a fake wedding but realized my friend couldn’t. I can tell what time of year or time of day a photograph was taken usually, but most people can’t. So today, for Jessica and Heather’s Exchange Conference Center in Boston, I want to take it up a notch. You’ll be noticing more information about the weddings themselves on my blog. What did it take to make this, all the lovely pictures you see and all the happy emotions, come to life. At the bottom of the post you’ll get the stats of the day. If you like this, tell me. Write a comment. Shoot me an email at or perhaps you have an idea of something you really want to see that’s not here. I’m totally open.

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Date: 7.20.12 // Weather: Cloudy at times but then brilliant sunshine // Time we started really doing before ceremony couple shots: 4:40 // Ceremony: 5:30

My favorite light of the day for pictures: 7:30 // Photobooth? Yes, you can tell the props wandered around // Planner: Extensive planning by 14 Stories

Fun thing to think about: The exit from the ceremony. They went up in an elevator for some alone time but I caught them smooching before the door closed.

Lesson learned: Shoes huuuuurt sometimes. Always have comfy backup flats with you.

Venue: The Exchange Conference Center // Catering: East Meets West** // DJ: DJ Mocha Mel**

Officiant: Kezia Bacon** // Planner: 14 Stories // Floral: Spruce Floral // Cake: Melita Fiore Cakes

**These vendors are people I trust and recommend. I even include their business card in my welcome packet for new clients!


hurrah, i’m so glad you posted about our conversation and that other people agree with this. there are so many reasons that i look at wedding photography other than checking out the actual photos/photographer: i can get ideas for a venue, for decor, for ways to set up the tables/chairs, etc and not having any information about the time of the wedding, approximately how many people attended, what kind of a day it was, etc. makes it really difficult to get all those extras out of browsing the photos. you’re the best. xx

I love the new format – good information is hard to come by in the wedding world. Plus, lighting was not even something I would have thought of at the beginning of this process!

You were right near our hotel and venue for this wedding!! Can’t wait until June 🙂

Oh man, one of my BIGGEST pet peeves during the whole wedding planning process was how hard it was to find information that should be readily available! For example the general price point that we’re talking about for a vendor, it makes zero sense for the customer to have a take a manual action in emailing to ask for a quote, then for the vendor to manually respond as well when the whole thing might not be a good fit at all from the outset! So cheers for sharing more info!

I love you adding the logistics about time and weather and the like! It really is helpful to those of us without a trained eye!

I think this is a great idea. It really bugged me when photographers put the expensive shoes and dress the brides wore on their website (thanks for making the rest of us feel poor!) but didn’t include any useful wedding information such as useful tips, times, and lighting. I think other brides will find this very helpful. Thanks!