Engagement Photos

If you decided to pick Film Noir Photography, every single package I have includes an engagement photo session. It’s so important to do because it will give you a feel for how I work and also let’s you get to know me better. The key? RELAX! Your going to look fab no matter what you wear, feel, if you missed your haircut appointment…but here are some tips so make you feel ready:

  • Dress in a way that makes you feel good. If your a girl who loves jeans, wear jeans silly! There is no ‘one way’ to dress for a shoot. This is about you.
  • Try to dress in a way that feels similar to each other. If she’s going to wear a dress, pump it up a little. Go for the nice black pants. And look down at your shoes. How many days do those sneakers have left? And girls, if he wants to wear jeans you should keep the tiara at home.
  • Classy. That’s what you want to think when you see your outfit. Same goes with makeup ladies. Some mascara and lipgloss is great if you normally wear nothing. The camera zaps 50% of your makeup away, so go for more than you usually wear.
  • I love props!!! Bring your dog, your yearbook with you two in it, parasols, boas, whatever. Go crazy. It will just make the session more fun.
  • Outfit changes are fun, but limit it to no more than 2. Wear jeans and bring your hot black dress. And those killer heels with some comfy flip flops.


  • Props
  • Comfy shoes
  • Oil blotting sheets
  • A big dorky laugh (or I can supply it, either way)


  • Wear anything super tight. It will crease and show in your photos. Spandex is a no go.
  • But don’t wear baggy clothing either. There will be no relay race where you stuff props in your shirt.
  • Wear matching outfits. Coordinated is good, matching is just plain scary.
  • Watch out for small patterns, small jewelry, logos, words, holes, wrinkly clothes and clashing colors.

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