Embarrassed yet? I will be

So I may not have cable but that’s what friends are for! Almost every week, Natalie and I drive a few miles to plunk ourselves down for a consistently killer meal, good conversation with our friend’s Rebecca and Nick, and Glee. Or Downton Abbey. Or American Idol. Something so bad it’s good. Or fun to laugh at.

Recently, on Glee, we finally got to meet Rachel’s dads. I had been waiting to see who they would cast. And be still my heart, one of the dads was Jeff Goldblum. Now don’t laugh, or do but not to my face, but I have had the BIGGEST crush on Jeff Goldblum since…since….er, hm. Jurassic Park? Seriously. I know. But I am completely smitten. Natalie has been laughing about this for years.

Buuuut. When Natalie saw Jeff Goldblum on Glee she finally said “Hm. I think I see it”. That’s right you do!!!

So yes. Jeff Goldblum is my secret (not so secret) crush.

Screen Capture from Glee


All I remember is the dinasours from that movie. Jeff who???????

Kelly, this is why I adore you. I, too, harbor a secret crush on Jeff Goldblum since Jurassic Park. I just love him.

Not even kidding, I have also had a crush on Goldblum since Jurassic Park! You are not alone 😀

You always did have the best taste 😉