Edgerton Park Winter Engagement

Edgerton park in New Haven is perfect for a wedding. Or a winter engagement shoot. Chocolate is always in ads for valentine’s day or as a gift for your partner. So how could you ever resist a chef that made chocolate day in and day out? Kara and Christian met when she stopped by a speciality chocolate shop in New Haven. And stopped by again.
Keeping warm with a thermos full of homemade hot coco by Christian made Kara smile. Snuggling together as he pored her more, they smelt the evergreens above and enjoyed the quiet that comes with relaxing in a park during the winter.
Since I have shot weddings and engagement shoots in Edgerton Park, I knew that it hosted a plethora of wildlife. Remember in 3rd grade grabbing peanut butter and pinecones to make bird feeders? Kara and Christian made bird feeders to help the local wildlife as they transitioned into Winter. But these birds didn’t get PeterPan or Skippy. Christian made sure they had gourmet peanut butter. Kara tried to spread the stuff all over the pinecone without getting it all over her. Christian grabbed the pinecones and tried to steady the process.
It was a bit messy but Kara’s classy red lipstick just highlighted how silly the process was as she laughed after another failed attempt at getting the peanut butter on the pinecone. But they did!

Edgerton Park Engagement session in New Haven

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