Edgerton Park New Haven Engagement

Planning a long distance wedding is tough. Extra planning, hoping things will look like they do in real life like what your shown via email, millions more calls/emails, etc. It can be a lot. Then add to that moving across the country. Yup. That’s what Ellie and Pat have taken on and they are doing amazingly. With all the planning though, they realized they weren’t going to have engagement shots because of a few circumstances. They loved New Haven and were leaving it very soon. So when I got their email, asking to do an engagement session with them, I jumped into planning. Edgerton Park is perfect for an engagement session in the spring. I suggested bright colors and some activities and they brought a whole bag of stuff- even sidewalk chalk. I loooove sidewalk chalk.

As I scoped the park out for spots to shoot at, a dog ran up from seemingly nowhere. He looked happy enough…but I didn’t see anyone around. And before I could grab his collar, he dashed off towards the road. And so did I, right after him. Eventually, I caught up with him, found his home, got a big hug from his owner and returned back to the park. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I’m like a beacon for lost dogs/cats/whatever. So with the park a thumbs up from me and the dog, I headed home to get ready to shoot Ellie and Pat.