Edgerton Park Engagement, New Haven CT

Beep Beep! I’m slightly scooter ignorant apparently. I didn’t know there are all kinds of scooters. Including the amazing Buddy that Brigid and Ximena rode in on. Brigid for real gets around New Haven on this thing. I, for one, am insanely jealous. It sounds like they get to have many an adventure all over town with the Buddy scooter.

Edgerton Park is a park in New Haven that’s kinda set away. Lots of dogs and their owners prance around. But mostly, it was us goofing off. They both played croquet in college, where they met. So it was a must to include in our park engagement fun. But you can’t play croquet, or at least they can’t play croquet, without amazingly retro outfits. I mean, lord! Did we stumble out of a 50’s movie?

And I’m going to be very serious for a moment people. Dead serious. Brigid is a very very mean dinosaur (see the last pictures). She has a killer roar. What I forgot to tell her because I was laughing too hard was I’m a dinosaur too. But a very interesting breed, you see. I’m a traptor. Yup. A t-rex and raptor hybrid. My wife came up with this nickname after one too many dinosaur movies and me walking around and roaring. So watch out.


They are happy. That’s enough.

These pictures, this entire shoot — dreamy. What a cute couple!

Kelly, this session is SO GREAT!! You really captured them. They look so happy and playful. LOVE THIS SESSION

This is so joyous and so cute!

So stinkin’ cute!!

Aaaw, these two are adorable! I totally want to take them out for tea and crumpets now.

I’m dying over how sweet this shoot is!!