Eco-Friendly and Cruelty Free Nail Polish

So it’s summer. Wonderful, glorious summer. I’m wearing dresses I can throw on and forget about all day. I try not to wear any shoes because I love the feeling of grass on my toes, the sidewalk’s texture, running away from hot pavement. Although, I do wear shoes into stores/buildings- don’t worry.

But one thing I love about summer is getting to have lots of color in everything I wear. But what’s been missing lately? Color from my nails. They are boring. I want to paint them coral! Or teal! Or yellow! But I have been hitting a frustrating wall- nail polish I kept coming across didn’t meet the bunny test. I just couldn’t find cruelty-free and eco-friendly nail polish. And when I did? Ohhhh, it was ugly colors all over the place.

It may be a small, tiny even, thing but I finally found a nail polish that passes the bunny test and has fab colors. It gave me a summer boost of happiness. So yay for summer and all it’s small pleasures.


I believe there is also a UK brand called Butter but not with colors as great as Scotch!

Oh my gosh – I had no idea this was an issue! I’m going to buy some right now and bring it with me the next time I get my nails done 🙂