Dupont Circle Engagement

I sorta can’t believe I’m writing this and posting this. Annie made her debut into my life when my wife started working at 6th & I Synagogue in DC. The staff was really small and all close. And Annie was one of those fun and always laughing staff members. Natalie thought she was the best. After some Chopt’d salad, and a dose a bravery, I got to talking with Annie. And we just have been eating salad and talking since!

When I heard Annie and Marc were engaged, I was so excited for them because I knew both their families were going to be out of this world happy. I wanted to know all the details. Annie and I had joked before I left DC I would have to shoot their wedding. But here we were planning her engagement session! The wedding! As you can see- Annie hasn’t changed. That insanely warm person who helped Natalie navigate being a new 6th & I employee is just the same at an engagement session. Marc had a tickle fight with her. And. Um. Threw her in the air. That was not my suggestion. Promise. But they had practiced it and I just babbled on and on about heads being smashed on concrete and being nervous until they did it.

I think my favorite shots are always when the couple is having fun and just enjoying each other- the right after ‘we had fun’ shot. Annie burst into laughter after coming down from Marc throwing her. He started giggling. And the shot where they actually are just recovering from laughing so hard and give each other a hug? That’s the ‘we had fun’ shot I love to see.


My most favorite people, at some of my most favorite places, in my most favorite complementary colors. Can’t wait to see the wedding images!

One word: Hora. They are going to have a bangin’ Hora. I’m probably going to beg for an intermission knowing how fun they are (and their guests). So just you wait for the Hora shots.

Amazing. Their joy as a couple radiates from them. And jeez louise, Annie is GORGEOUS. You have pretty friends. 🙂

Isn’t she a hottie? I’m only friends with good looking people 😉

Thanks! I was thinking ‘fun winter shoot’ and when the actual day rolled around it was almost 55 degrees. So we could actually play a lot outside.