Doing an activity for your engagement shoot

The best advice I can give to someone who is camera shy or just nervous about the shoot in general is to do an activity. Keeping busy and having fun not only keep you from dwelling too much on the camera, they also always make for great shots. And there is no shortage of fun things to do!

For shoots I have: gone on a hay ride, fed goats, had tea in the middle of a NYC sidewalk, had a picnic by a river, gone to a tree farm and found a christmas tree/chopped it down, I have made s’mores by a campfire, set up a tent, and lots more!

What about a horse back riding lessons, skating, hiking, baking a cake, going to a carnival, setting off to the beach for a swim, going on a lake canoe, having a coffee date, hanging out at your favorite bookstore, exploring a new museum…yes, apparently I have some ideas!

But doing an activity with your partner, whether or not your camera shy, is a great way to get engagement photos that really capture your personality as a couple and provide a great backdrop for lots of laughing/smiles/enjoyment.

And props don’t hurt either! Doing an activity often times goes hand and hand with props. Think a bit about what you want to bring because it does make a big impact on the photos. Heading on over to a flea market is a sure fire way to get some great ideas and pick up a few props. Or head over to World Market, Home Goods, or Marshalls. You can find amazing props for $10 or less.