DC Modern Baby Portraits

So more than a year ago I was photographing Cynthia and Ryan’s Virginia wedding. At the time, Cynthia already knew that they were not only getting married but soon to have a baby. Jackson was born a few months after their wedding and has been keeping them very very busy. Everytime I see a facebook update from Cynthia it’s something like ‘Exhausted!!!’. I laughed when I got a picture text on my cell of Jackson dressed up for Halloween last year as a monkey. He was just laying there like “What are these people doing to me?’.

Jackson turned one just a few weeks ago and I was excited to get an email asking me to do some family portraits to celebrate Jackson’s birthday. Can you believe all these pictures were taken when it was 96 degrees out? That’s how much of a trooper Jackson was. He sported his new onesie at the end, ready to wriggle out of his clothes in the heat.