DC Hotel Monaco Wedding

I’m a huge fan of the Hotel Monaco in DC. It’s a hotel I just can’t get enough of with the amazing historic details and billions of spots to grab a great picture. Caitlin and Jarrett were so excited to get married and have all their friends and family with them before Jarrett was reassigned really far away- Alaska! With Caitlin in full planning mode, she wanted the wedding to be bright, colorful, and fun. With orange and pink flowers everywhere and her awesome one strap dress, Caitlin was totally beaming. That girl could not stop smiling. Even during the ceremony at Holy Rosary Church, Caitlin and Jarrett were smiling so big I know their cheeks were sore and sneaking kisses through the whole ceremony. Which I loved- why have a first kiss when you can have lots? And of course that made everyone in the church beam and snuggle to their loved ones a little closer. Because when you have that much love that it’s just bursting to get out, the energy just seeps into everyone there. I’m so excited to post all the details and reception shots tomorrow. Thanks to Sweet Tea Photography for helping me out!

I love that they used a hair dryer to glue her false eyelashes on- it cracked me up.