Conservatory Gardens Engagement // Erin and Chris

The flowers went pop! Just like that. And everyone was swarming into Central Park in NYC. The park was chock full of natural beauty, something both Chris and Erin love. They even made it a huge priority for their wedding venue, The Red Barn in Amherst, MA. Having shot there before, it’s just like one big sigh of awe as you drive past the hills and farms. Did you notice Erin’s dress even fits the mood? We talked and I suggested something long and flowy to really showcase her personality. And dang! When she put that headband on, the breeze picked up just a tad, and I was freaking out excited.

And yet- you can’t tell from the pictures, but Erin is shy. Chris had said before the engagement shoot that he was shy. But that’s what I love about engagement shoots. I watched as their two personalities bounced off one another, energy being played with and tossed like a ball. And Erin’s nerves bounced off Chris’s supportive energy. So it was Chris who tickled Erin to loosen her up when a bunch of tourist were hovering over us. He smiled at her. She smiled back. He grabbed her and held her tight. And she held on.


Just beautiful!

Oh I LOVE these, Kelly!!! So unbelievable.