Connecticut Synagogue Wedding

Tradition and I are always doing this dance you see. I gravitate towards it, love it, but want to also find traditions that speak to me rather than confine me. Lilly and Asher actually came by my name because my wife Natalie worked at 6th & I Synagogue for a year doing cultural programming. They wanted to have a wedding in their historical synagogue very close to where they grew up. Stained glass windows and a balcony for the women still were as beautiful as ever.

Swirling around me the entire wedding day was tradition. Heart felt, a few thousand year old tradition. And I wasn’t the only one who was witnessing this, taking it in. Lilly’s mom seemed so proud, I thought she would burst. It all came to head when bent over her daughter and said a blessing. And then she paused over Asher, I think clearing her thoughts. Out came her quiet blessing, whispered softly so that no one could hear. This is why I was there. Yes, I got lovely portraits of the couple. But witnessing and capturing those moments of pride, family, love, faith…my heart swells up and I can almost feel my body soften as I take those photos. Wanting to hold that moment carefully, almost as if it could break. But wanting to cup my hands and pass it on to Lilly and Asher so they can cup their hands and pass it down too.

Planner: Piece of Cake Events // Venue: Congregation Adath Israel // Florist: Green Dahlia // Caterer: The Whisk // DJ: HG Entertainment // Hair and Makeup: Dana Bartone and Company

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