Connecticut Rock The Dress

Kate and Kevin got married at the Pavilion on Crystal Lake. You can see their wedding over here and here. But I wasn’t done with them yet- oh no! We had to do a rock the dress session in East Rock. So we headed out and actually did a mini hike- me in my regular clothes and Kate in her wedding dress. We found a great stone wall they loved but I soon realized I could take maaaybe 3 steps before falling off the tiny ledge we were standing on. But we got the shot we wanted which seemed to be the theme of the day. They told me about this fallen log in the swamp, so of course I get excited and insisted we go check it out. They managed to walk on the log into the middle of the swamp and pose. And then we all realized that for me to get the shot I had to be in the middle of the swamp. With no log. As in, swamp mud up to my ankles and me trying not to sink farther. They totally made it look effortless in the pictures, but they had to work some serious muscle to keep standing up straight, in the postions I wanted, all while balancing on this log. I think we all earned a gold star for effort, ha.


Love these shots!! The b&w on the rock wall is awesome!! Ditto Amber on loving the one of her on the ground with the house in the background. Beautiful couple, congratulations!!

Wow, these are beautiful! Love the one of her on the ground with the house in the background.