Connecticut Wadsworth Mansion Fall Wedding

The idea of being in front of more than a hundred people and exchanging your vows or first dance gives many of my clients the hives. Because I have so many couples who have spoken to me about this anxiety or in some cases, just plain ‘holy sh*t’ fear, I have many suggestions to give people to make it easier or even help get past it.
Ryan and Anthony spoke about that fear in some of our first meetings and came up with something that was ‘them’. I think their friends would have stared at them like they had 85 heads if they walked out and did a choreographed dance to a jazz song. Laughing and dancing along to Madonna was much more up their alley and made not just them but everyone feel comfortable. Who likes watching their friends do something because they ‘have to’ and watching them grimace through it? No thank you!
Wadsworth Mansion helped along with the relaxed vibe by taking care of everything. Ryan and Anthony wanted a extra long cocktail time. Done! They made amazing Lego favors of themselves for every guest. Wadsworth setup one for every guest to play with during dinner! Two grooms in a Lego box. And with different outfits. Ryan and Anthony focused on talking and enjoying each and every guest.

Venue: Wadsworth Mansion // Florist: The Sunshine Shop // Caterer: Coastal Gourmet // DJ: After Hours DJ Entertainment grooms kiss in front of flower bushgrooms throw leaves grooms shadows on pavement lego wedding favor and flower arrangement lego figurines of the grooms cranberry water and view of field appetizer and cello caseband plays for ceremony guests gather before ceremony grooms at their ceremony grooms hold each others hands view of ceremony from balcony grooms hug in field view of grooms through balcony grooms kiss under tree grooms together in field grooms on balcony grooms overlook view from balcony reception at night

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