Colonial Tavern in Oxford CT Wedding // Leah and Lauren

Crunchy leaves. Red lips. Pumpkins. And lots and lots of happy tears. After Lauren and Leah said their vows, they were bombarded by happy family members. I’m not sure who cried first, but before long everyone was crying and hugging. Tissues were in order. We tried to do the group shots through the sniffles.

As a bored girl scout, I used to often whittle random sticks and then discard them. But Lauren is apparently a master- she whittled the apple with their initials that sat on top of their cake. Yes, that apple is handmade. Along with all the details. Working as a team, Lauren and Leah pulled off an amazing wedding. And now, today, one year later, this is their anniversary! Happy Anniversary! And an extra bit of love for Leah who has been coming to weddings with me lately to shadow. She was amazing on Sunday and I hope you’re enjoying today.


Found your website through a caterers photos and I love this wedding! Any idea where her dress is from? WANT!!!

This is the most perfect fall wedding – I love it!

stunning! the colors, the details, so much love! LOVE IT!