Collinsville CT Engagement

Johanna and Kamran wanted something slightly different for their engagement shoot. Not too pretty. Not too broken down. So they discovered Collinsville CT. It was so cold that day, Johanna’s lips turned blue. Like, for reals blue. She assured me this happens all the time. Still. Freaked me out.

But Arthur, their labrador, kept tugging us along and the wind made for some great photos. Arthur even braved the bridge (with a lot of sweet words from Kamran). And Johanna’s vintage green polka dot dress, ribbon shoes, and hat made me swoon. We then broke out the picnic and they helped me lay out the blanket for our last minute pictures. After about 10 minutes of the picnic pictures by the river, my hands were so cold I was having trouble adjusting my camera settings. So it was a wrap. Somehow Kamran had enough dexterity to drive us all back to New Haven. I’m sooo excited about their wedding in August!