Christmas Tree Farm Engagement

I love it when a couple is up for a winter engagement session because winter has so many options for fun, outdoor things to do. Ice skating with a break for hot chocolate? Or in this case- cutting down a christmas tree!

Kate and Eric really wanted an engagement shoot that wasn’t just cute pictures of them in different poses but almost like a storyboard with a fun activity. Doing an activity requires more planning but creates a very different feel and can be great for camera shy couples who want to be engrossed in doing something to relax. We all loved the idea of chopping down their christmas tree at a local family farm called Jones Farm. And days before our shoot, they bought their first house- so it would be their first Christmas in their first home. So we had to pick a good tree!

I have never cut down a christmas tree nor been to a christmas tree farm- little did I know how hard it is to find the right tree! They would look small and then Eric would stand next to them and we would quickly realize the tree would be too big to fit in the house. Or Kate would like a tree, but then it would be in a weird place to take photos because many trees had been cut before we got there and we didn’t want a billion stumps in the pictures. We wanted the photos to have a ‘middle of the forest’ feel. But we found one and I just loved the smell of the pine. And by that time, the sun was setting, our eyes began to tear up from the cold, but they were so happy carting off that christmas tree that the photos at the end of the session are some of my favorite.


What a great concept and such beautiful photos. The couple really shines!

Thank you! I’m now itching to do some more engagement shoots that involve fun activities. I want to go ice skating! Someone indulge me 🙂