Christmas Tree Farm Engagement Shoot : Jill and Paul

Christmas and warm gloves may seem like a distant memory but engagement sessions are taking up every waking second I have right now. Planning/shooting/editing. I love it. And this fun-filled shoot with Jill and Paul is fun-filled for one big, fat reason: we centered the engagement shoot around an activity. Many couples think of engagement sessions and can’t stand the thought of another. stuffy. picture. But I want to BAN stuffy. Kick it out to the curb.

Take away from this shoot: If you center your engagement shoot around an activity rather than a location, you will have something to do. And when you have something to do- you’re not thinking about the camera. You’re laughing about your partner trying to climb a pile of logs. Or walking the dog towards the next field of trees with a saw- only for me to fall in love with that visual and take a picture. Or cuddling closer to keep warm. Or trying to find the dog in the mess of trees. Or cutting down your own Christmas tree and trying to haul it- only to have a awesome truck drive by to help us haul plus *bonus* get a great kissing shot.

Hate stuffy? Then stop it in it’s tracks. Plan your engagement shoot around an activity.