Cherry Blossoms DC Engagement and U Street

Cherry blossoms are a big big deal in DC. Every year, thousands on tourists go bonkers and drive to DC to see the trees, see the parade, eat incredible wasabi ice cream, etc. And having lived in the middle of DC for a number of years, my thought everytime cherry blossoms started to bloom was “NOOOOO”. The thought of being surrounded by thousands of people, all trying to take a picture of these trees made me want to put a pencil in my eye. No thanks. No tree is worth that.

But the secret to seeing the trees without a billion tourists is to show up early. As in 7am early. And Emily and Dre were up for that to steal some shots of the blossoms. And it worked- we were essentially there with a handful of people. Now, maybe the snow drove them away. Or the freezing temperatures. But we still got some quiet time in the midst of cherry blossom season. And then it was time to get out a the cold, so we headed to Love Cafe on U Street. U street always has plenty of fun and colorful spots to shoot, so it happens to be one of my favorite places to go in DC. That and the amazing shops. Ruff and Ready? Yes, it’s a used furniture store that I love. If you can stand going into what looks like a scary hoarders house with crap stacked to the ceiling, it’s the best place to find great home stuff. And barter.

I have been lucky enough to get to know Dre and Emily a bit more because they have been guest blogging for So You’re EnGAYged. So it’s been fun to read about their planning as an LGBT couple, the decisions they both had to make about Dre coming out about transitioning before the wedding, and even their save the dates that were drawn by a friend of theirs.

Why yes that is a glove designed for two people.


Sick as hell!

these pictures are absolutely beautiful! The love you both feel is palpable. Congratulations. Have a wonderful life together.

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