DC Cherry Blossom Engagement

Bundled up in their colorful and fun coats, Jessica and Katie were ready to do their second half of their engagement shoot. We already did a mini shoot inside the National Portrait Gallery. Now, it was time to enjoy some blossoms.

The evening before the shoot, Katie asked Jessica what she was doing. “Just planning my layers.” So Katie assumed she was just making sure her outfit looked good with the coat on.

As we walk through the cherry trees, it was really quiet. Not many people around. We could just enjoy the trees so many people come from so far to DC to enjoy. We played with the trees and finally made the decision: it was time to do one shot of them with their custom t-shirts for the wedding. Katie and I starred in astonishment as Jessica peeled off layer after layer of shirts. That girl was dressed for the cold and somehow looked like she was just wearing a cute spring coat with a shirt underneath. Not 4. It was a dash to get the t-shirt shirt shot quickly without being frozen in place. But we got it!


What an adorable couple! I love the diptych with the sunflare and the blossoms in the foreground. Swoon 🙂

These are GORGEOUS Kelly! I miss DC….