Checklists and To-Do Lists for your wedding

I am one of those people that actually read the whole book of “Getting It Done” and then promptly freaked out at the amount of time I would need to do the system and not get stuff done. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to checklists and to-do’s. If it’s not easy, it never works, so what’s the point?

I know a lot of people are paper and pen people when it comes to their checklists. My wife is. It drives me nuts because she writes her to-do’s on scraps of paper and then can’t find said paper. Shocking. But she also has a memory of steel so she just writes it all down again on another scrap paper (cue repeat). And when I have a whole ton of to-do’s floating around in my brain, I do a “brain dump” and just sit for an hour and write every freakin to do I can think of so I can get it out of my mind. Then I promptly transfer my to-do’s to a computer program.

For a wedding, you’ll most likely have to have a brain dump or two in the beginning as it’s just so overwhelming the amount of stuff you need to do or consider. But for all the wedding blogs I read when I was planning my wedding, I also needed a ‘guide’ for my to-do’s. Like- should I be thinking of my menu now? Or 4 months before the wedding? What is a priority and needs to be done now now now? Most to-do lists are really gendered and make me want to barf with to-do’s I would never ever put on my list because it’s geared towards a very traditional crowd. There are lists out there that are better than your average list like Real Simple’s checklist. I have heard from several people they really liked this list when planning. But I would honestly love to find more resources- but it’s a great start.

Now you have a bunch of to-do’s (breathe) so you need to put them somewhere. I seem to be on eternal hunt for the perfect to-do program. Remember the milk, toodle, Things, google tasks, ical tasks, and more. I feel like I should be hired by some geeky magazine to point out all the flaws and benefits. My personal favorites that I go back and forth about which one is better: Remember The Milk and Things. RTM (remember the milk) is an internet based to-do system that has an iphone, droid and other smart phone application. You basically make a list, it becomes a tab, and you can color code your to-do’s based on priority. You can set up do dates. You can have it remind you to pick up the milk if your near a grocery store. It’s kind of sickly amazing. And putting things in your to-do list is easy: email, sms, twitter, and more RTM and it will put it in your inbox. The one downside for me is the fact I have a lot of projects going on at once and therefore my screen quickly becomes waaaay overcrowded with tabs. It depends on if you need a separate ‘project’ for every wedding area or can be a little bit more generalized.

Things is a Mac based to-do system that is extremely compelling visually. It’s just clean and neat and mac-like. Projects and Areas of responsibility make my life easy. It has some more tools like having a next screen where you can see the top 2 to-do’s from each project which I love. And I honestly would never leave Things if it had two things: syncing easily to my iphone and more ways to enter my to-do’s in the program. Right now, I have to type each to-do out in the program. So when I’m on the go and remember something? Fail. I have to wait till I get home to put it into my computer program as the syncing with my phone is not really there yet (you can sync over a wireless connection that both your computer and phone share but it doesn’t sync right for me- often things I have checked off reappear and I get frustrated).

Which leads me to my faaaavorite way to get things out of my head and into my to-do program. ReQall. Oh ReQall, you are like a little personal assistant who follows me around and writes down whatever I say. But really, it’s an iphone application that is voice-to-text. So if I remember that I need to send an email to a wedding planner and I’m sitting in the car, talking with Natalie as she drives? I grab my iphone and simply tap my screen and it starts recording what I say. And then it makes it into text. And this is where Remember the Milk shines. I can then have Reqall send an email of the text, my new to-do, to Remember the Milk and tada! It’s in my inbox. I freakin love that.