Celebrating 2008 & 2009 Gay Weddings

Time just flew by since DOMA and I realized I never published my 2008 & 2009 blog part of the series! I just wanted to look back and celebrate how many wonderful couples I have been able to connect with and how much these change in the law will impact real people. People who laughed when I told them to squeeze their now wife longer. Or who got to leave their Quaker ceremony with friends and family throwing marshmallows, mini chocolates and mini s’mores at them. Or the very very very first couple who I shot who I have never been able to share their photo until now because one of them worked for a Catholic charity. She worried she would loose her job if someone stumbled upon their pictures. But I keep up with them and asked meekly if I could share one picture- especially with all the wonderful news and love of their new baby. And I got a yes!

Which made me feel even more pumped to blog. I remember being so sad I couldn’t share their wedding- I was just starting. I wanted people to see themselves on wedding photographers blogs because I certainty wasn’t seeing myself. But from blogging my own wedding blog (which you can still read my 23 year old self planning her wedding) I suddenly was blessed to have many LGBT couples asking me to shoot their wedding. So 2008 is when this whole crazy thing started. I’m still savoring all the legal victories we have been having since DOMA and wanting to push that much harder.

first kiss of two brides in red barn in amherst
two brides getting married in DC
colonial dames gay wedding

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