Celebrate DC Gay Marriage : Free Engagement Sessions

Today is the first day that DC is accepting marriage applications from gay couples. Having grown up in Virginia and then living in DC for 6 years, I’m so proud! My hometown is taking a huge step towards equality today and I’m so happy for all the amazing couples lining up outside the courthouse this morning.

So in honor of gay marriage in DC, I’m giving away 2 *free* engagement sessions! All you have to do is email me at with the code: Gay Marriage.


  • Engagement session must take place in either DC or the CT/NYC area in April, May or June.
  • You must send an email with a picture of the two of you and why LGBT equality is important to you.
  • You must include the code Gay Marriage.

Lauren and Desaray got married August 09 in Dupont Circle, the historically gay neighborhood of DC.