Carousel Beach Wedding New Haven, Connecticut

Mitch and Jocelyn are passionate people, the kind that print Bell Hooks on their wedding programs. Dancing in front of a carousel with sand still on their feet from the beach. The kind of people who open up their mic at the reception and friends can’t help but stand up to speak more than just ‘congratulations’ but how amazed they are by the things the two of them are doing and how they each support one another, love each other. Crying and laughing at the same time on top of a rock at their ceremony. Who ask for a shot of their tattoos together, quickly forget what we were doing, and just start kissing- making for a much better tattoo shot.

Mitch is already a published author with titles like “Manning Up: Transsexual Men on Finding Brotherhood, Family & Themselves” and writing for the Advocate under his belt. His writing voice, though, was spot on the day of the wedding. As he stood together with Jocelyn, his commitment and vows made their way over the breeze on the beach. Partners clutched hands, family cried and Jocelyn did everything she could not to cry but she did anyway. Lighthouse Point Park was quiet.

Jocelyn read aloud the quote on their program fan:

“Visionary feminism is a wise and loving politic. The heartbeat of our alternative vision is still a fundamental and necessary truth: there can be no love when there is domination. Feminist thinking and practice emphasize there value of mutual growth and self-actualization in partnerships and in parenting. This vision of relationships where everyone’s needs are respected, where everyone has rights, where no one need fear subordination or abuse, runs counter to everything patriarchy upholds about the structure of relationships.” – Feminism is for Everyone: Passionate Politics by Bell Hooks

With pizza slices being passed around, Jocelyn didn’t just sway with her dad on the dance floor. They hopped around the floor, making faces, with smiles plastered all over their faces. A father-daughter moment that was silly instead of serious. Fun instead of stuffy. It echoed the rest of the wedding day- everyone could just relax and be themselves. Wearing a bridesmaid dress instead of a traditional wedding gown? Sure! Going barefoot and splashing in the waves? Yes please. Which is exactly what Mitch and Jocelyn wanted.

Venue: Lighthouse Point // Venue Coordinator: Sabrina Bruno // Caterer: Big Green Truck Pizza //
Dress: Flair Boston // Headpiece: Noon on the Moon //Suit: Indochino // DIY: Vintage Creek Studio

couple spends time togethercouple gets ready togetherbride gets ready

All the siblings looking smashing. Can you say trio of fab glasses?
groom with brothersbride in car groom with groomsmenfeminist wedding ceremony programwedding ceremony beginscouple during feminist ceremonygroom reads vowsbride laughs during ceremonycouple walks down aislecouple kisses on rockcouple spends time togetherbride hugs fatherbride dances with fathercouple show off their ringsbride holds childbig green pizza truck lighthouse point carouselfriends give toast to couplebride dances

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They are the cutest!! Love her dress!!