Carnival Ride Wedding

So the ceremony was short and perfect- exactly what they had wanted. Their recessional song? Push It by Salt N Peppa. And now all the guests could finally see the tent Yarrow had spent so much time designing and crafting details for. And right beyond the tent? A chair swing!! And mini golf! And amusement park booth games! Everyone was excited to chat but they really wanted to get on the rides. The rest of the night was filled by yummy Indian food dinner, served buffet style so people could keep on the rides a bit longer if they liked. And then everyone was laughing and just trying out all the games. I loved how Yarrow’s grandpa totally got into the mini golf- keeping score with his granddaughter and all. As the sunset, the chair swing lights came on and lit everything up while some sparklers the couple provided proved to be a hit.

The giant rainstorm that had threatened all day finally burst and forced everyone in the tent to talk, admire the DIY goodness, and just enjoy the sound of the rain on the tent after an exhausting day of so much fun.


Hey Kelly, can you tell me what kind of location this wedding took place? Thanks, Vicky

It was at the Hubbell Homestead at Colgate Park! I love that place!

Parker St. Claire

This wedding looks like So much FUN!! Besides from the awesome theme, these pictures are extrodanary. Just beautiful

Wow! This looks like SUCH a fun wedding!!!