Carnegie Institution for Science Wedding // Bill and Harry

Candy, Bill and Harry’s wedding planner (and now friend of mine), gathered all the wedding party together right before walking down the aisle. The excited chatter died down. Everyone looked down at their own hands as they firmly grasped the one beside them. A circle was formed and for a few moments, it was dead quiet. The room was still. Each person knew why they were there and that struck and grabbed at vocal cords as they tried to express the importance of what was to come. Tears fell and voices got chocked up as little bits of love were shared. Bill’s hand was squeezed tight as he began to cry. Deep breathes. It was time to laugh. It was time to get married.

Thanks so much to Amber Wilkie for second shooting in a team of 3! You helped capture so many amazing things going on.

Planner: Candy+co // Catering: Spilled Milk Catering // Event Design and Florist: DBI Events // Lighting: Frost Lighting // Venue: Carnegie Institution for Science


Absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait for my wedding there in September. And I am dying to know where they got those yellow chairs

Gorgeous photos, and gorgeous wedding! Congrats to the happy couple! I can’t wait to get married at the Carnegie in March!

Wow. Stunning! Gorgeous wedding planning, handsome grooms, great photography! 🙂
– Mari