Captain Linnell House Wedding

Sydney and Anthony picked the Captain Linnell House for their wedding, which is at the tippy tippy top of Cape Cod. I admit driving at night, on a single lane road, to the tip of the Cape was scary. But when day broke and it was time for the wedding, I could finally see the beauty of all the roads that I had been silently cursing. The ocean views just kept peaking out everywhere I drove that day. And Sydney was so excited to have her father see her for the first time. I didn’t expect an anxious glance as she waited, but it appeared. She had obviously been thinking about this moment for a long time. She was in her freakin’ wedding dress! He was going to see her!! As her dad walked in, he beamed and gave her a kiss and her bouquet. I think any stress just melted away at that moment. She was ready to roll.

I got to the first look location before Sydney and saw Anthony waiting patiently. As I approached, I could tell he was jumping out of his skin to see her. And when he turned around and saw her- omg. It was the most amazing energy. Anthony just burst with happiness and began to cry. He kept telling her how gorgeous she looked and how happy he was. And then promptly started being his goofy self and stuck out his tongue and made jokes at the fishermen as we took some quick couple shots.


These photos are beautiful, Sydney looked absolutely stunning and Anthony is just too handsome! Congrats! 🙂

LOVED all the photos from Sydney and Anthony’s wedding. Thank you for capturing the true spirit of their special day. It brings me so much joy to see two of my best friends special moments captured so perfectly.

Yay Kelly! I love your posts about our wedding! They are making me smile today!