Captain Linnell House Wedding Part II

So we headed for the Cape Cod beaches- yes, even though it was November. It was super windy and, while shooting at once point, I had Sydney’s veil and shawl on and was still taking pictures. They just kept getting blown away. But with a sweater on, Sydney was more comfy and I asked them to go in a giant field of reeds to get some shots. The bleak winter trees and the reeds- I was jumping around I was so excited. Score!

We could finally thaw off when we arrived at Captain Linnell House. All the guests were ready to really dance. And what better way to dance than in custom made nike sneakers just for your wedding day? Anthony, with a collection of sneakers at home, not only had new sneakers to debut at his wedding but even got a sneaker groom cake. This man loves him some shoes. And let me applaude Anthony for being the second groom I have shot to rap at his wedding. I have pictures to prove it. And could not stop laughing because his best man got in on the act too. Thanks to Johnny Arguedas for helping me out and second shooting for me!


I LOVE that second photo down!!