Captain Linnell House Wedding on Cape Cod // Moments

Some sparkle. Some flashy shoes. Only these were not 4 inch heels but custom Nike sneakers for the groom, Anthony. He had an entire sneaker collection full of different colors and styles. I have found a lot of my grooms have sneaker collections that completely kick their wife’s shoe collection to the curb. When a guy or guys show up with orange sneakers, I know I got a great couple on my hands (or purple, I love purple sneakers too). But the joy Anthony showcased putting on his wedding sneakers is just too sweet to not blog. I wonder how many shoes his new son has? I hope MANY cute baby sneakers will be worn. So here’s this week’s Short N Sweet moment: putting on the dancing shoes.


First of all, I just love this series you’re doing of moments. That is such a fantastic idea. Secondly, I LOVE the last two photographs of him on the dance floor in his new shoes. These are fantastic.