Capital Yacht Wedding Washington DC

Deborah and Caron live in Maui. So why come all the way to DC to get married? When they heard the news that DC had legalized same-sex marriage, they decided it was incredibly symbolic to get married in the nations capital. They wanted to support a city economically that had just legalized gay marriage. But they got nervous too- they didn’t want to wait and have a situation like California come along where they waited too long before marriage was taken away. So I get a phone call, “Are you free for a wedding….in three weeks?”.

Luckily I was and we began furiously talking on the phone/email and making it all come together. With 8 people attending the wedding, they wanted everyone to feel included. With so little time, they wanted to make sure it all came together. So with the Hotel Monaco as their getting ready location, the Capital Yacht Charters as their ceremony location, and Dan Furnansky as their officiant- the day was full of lots of laughing and felt so relaxed. With a small wedding like this, I got to know every guest. We talked almost all day so much so I lost my voice for the next day. I got to learn all about Deborah and Caron’s incredible music careers (and listen to their cd non-stop on the way home).  And if you want even more photos of the two of them, have you seen their trash the dress/suit session?

I just love this moment! Deborah’s sister and niece helped clean up her makeup after all the crying during the ceremony.


You are a one lovely couple! Cheers and Congrats!