Capital Hill DC Engagement Shoot

A good indication that an engagement shoot will be fun: they mention they have multiple glasses changes. I used to *love* changing up my glasses to fit my mood before I got zapped (yup, I got lasik). So I was excited to see all the different moods we would be able to exhibit during the shoot. Bill and Harry have been together a long time. Long enough to smirk before the other says something, already knowing what they will probably say. Long enough to look entirely casual and confident when holding each other. Long enough to have four cats and have a few interesting stories to tell me about how the animal hospital, where I used to work, saved the kitties time and time again. I might have been on staff one of those times. I hope I was…silently cheerleading for recovery. But through that history comes a time to celebrate. Their wedding will be filled with friends, laughter, and some reeeeally good dancing. Like, you wish you were invited.


Adorable. Perhaps not a very manly adjective. Love the colors.

Harry and Bill – this photographer is wonderful. Love this. Congratulations to you both!

Love you pics Bill and Harry. Cant’s wait till the big day. I know you will forever be happy. Love u

love love love lovelove!

Great pictures!! Great couple!!

I LOVE THESE!! One of my favorites, I think. That yellow wall is especially fantastic.

I think I love every single one of these pictures! Amazing!