Boston Wedding at Benjamin Franklin Institute of Tech

Tim and David are very committed to the South End, a neighborhood in Boston that they both live in and also are literally building. David built the apartment building where the two grooms live and also got ready together. I knew I was their only vendor who they had hired outside their neighborhood in Boston and that was a big concession for them.

“We looked through over 200 photographers and then we found you.”- Tim

The space was perfect but it also had a pragmatic bonus: fueling their neighborhood. Skipping the usual venue options, both grooms wanted something that would showcase their black tie wedding but also give back to their community. Benjamin Franklin Institute is a non-profit technical school that offers up many programs for students. David and Tim’s wedding was one of their first weddings!

As the uplights were being setup under the Chuppah to illuminate the groom’s properly with a candlelight ceremony, there were traditions already underway. The Ketubah signing was casual, with people chatting and the Rabbi gathering everyone together. As David signed the marriage document, his mother, dazzling in her full sequin dress, grabbed onto her other son. I could feel the lump in her throat, trying not to cry the tears that came suddenly and surprised her.

Before the glittery dresses and bowties swarmed the dance floor, swishing here and there, the Beantown Orchestra blast out a full “Feeling Good” as Tim and David danced onto the floor. With a full, choreographed first dance that had their guests on their feet and applauding (not to mention gasping) the grooms looked genuinely surprised and elated that they had pulled it off. They loved entertaining the ones they loved most. They enjoyed getting people on their feet and onto the dance floor. They wanted people to enjoy themselves- so they took the first step throughout the wedding, constantly inviting their guests to join them in the tradition, in the fun, and to dance.

Ceremony and Reception: Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology // DOC and Florist: Table & Tulip // Caterer: Above and Beyond Catering // Band: Beantown Swing Orchestra

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