Beyond Art School: Showing kids what happens next

I never ever regret my decision to go to art school. Was it scary going from a biology major that my parents were happy with to paying my own way to go to art school, something only a few people understood/encouraged me to do? Hell yes. But even scarier was the after part. That senior year of art school we had a “Business” class. I learned I should never get a regular job as I wouldn’t do my work again. I should marry rich. And if not, live in a cardboard box anxiously awaiting my next gallery show. The class was beyond not helpful. It actually made me think, “Omg, what AM I going to do after this? Was this a mistake??? What can you do with a BFA in Fine Art Photography?!?!’

I had a lot of sleepless nights. And soul searching. I was about to marry my now wife and worked full time at an emergency animal hospital. But I knew that’s not what I wanted to do long term. But what did I want to do long term? I was finishing up my year long internship with a photojournalist, who also shot weddings. I had shot one wedding with him and was hooked. But my art school self reeeally didn’t see that as a way to make a living. Nuhuh. That was soooo the bottom of the barrel because it’s seen as so commercial and cheesy. No art school kid would be a wedding photographer.

But here’s the bottom line: I had no idea what ANY option there was out there for me other than being a full time starving working artist.

Fast forward to last month. I get an email from a NYC museum with this amazing concept. They are a full museum, but one of their projects is to help kids understand what kind of careers there are out there for them if they get a BFA and go to art school. There is WAY more that just hoping to have your next gallery show. I started watching the videos all about different career paths like product photographer, magazine retoucher, art therapist, etc and got choked up. I wished I could have sent these videos to my art school self. My really really scared senior art school self who had no guidance and no idea what to do.

And then the head of the museum wrote me to say they had been looking for a wedding photographer for a few years to feature in one of their video documentaries about career paths and to have a show in their museum. They wanted to know if I would be willing to be interviewed and have their videographer shoot me while I was doing a wedding. After a conference call with the head of the project and the head of a museum, I was so excited to do this, I wanted to run and get interviewed right then. They totally got me and where I was coming from.

So why am I telling you all this? Because I’m looking for an LGBT couple who is getting married July-November on a date that I’m still available on. You must be getting married in CT or NYC. And most importantly, you must be ok with a videographer and an assistant being present. They will be doing video of me and how I work, so there will be no interruption to your wedding. However, they will be present for most of the day. Whichever couple I photograph will receive a 50% off discount in exchange for opening up your wedding to this documentary.

Please email me at with your names, wedding date, wedding venue, and a little bit about yourself.


That is awesome, congrats!!!

Just wanted to congratulate you on your awesomeness 🙂