Astoria Engagement Shoot // Larissa and Steven

I have been working hard this year to bring engagement sessions up a notch. I hear over and over again that people don’t want super posed shots and I’m anti-stuffy engagement photos too. I want engagement sessions to really showcase the couple, with all their quirks. By leaving behind the mentality of ‘what’s a pretty location we can shoot at?’ and focusing more on them, I have been having more fun then ever. I have been refining my engagement questionnaire, like over n over n over, to start really getting at what matters to them…even if the questions sound weird. I want to know their style, what they do for fun, and grab at what *we* can do for a fun engagement shoot.
Larissa and Steven lived for a long time in Astoria. With many special spots and an even more loved bakery, it held the perfect foundation for the shoot. We added colorful and laugh inducing bits and bobs, like kite flying. Which I noticed right away from the questionnaire and images they sent me- they loved kite flying. How it looked, how silly it was, and something they had to do as a team. It took serious team effort on that day to get the kite to fly because the wind was soooo hard, I gave up. But as I packed up to go to the next location, Steven kept going. And suddenly, the kite just took off. Larissa jumped in excitement and I scrambled to get a few shots before it came down. But it stayed up; Larissa and Steven lingered. They just held each other and watched the kite dance.


Great pictures of an adorable couple!

Gah! These are so awesome!!

I love these!! Kite flying is such an awesome idea for an engagement shoot!