Asbury Park Beach NJ Wedding

Sarah and Nicole’s wedding was on a super hot summer day. Sarah put on her aqua blue wedding shoes and all of Nicole’s family helped lace up her dress. I loved Sarah’s short, retro dress with ruby red lips. And Nicole had a custom made headband from Etsy made for her hair.

Cue the ceremony. Nicole and Sarah had the ceremony chairs set up so they could enter from different sides, meet up in the middle, and walk to the front together. I loved it and was able to actually capture it since Lara Swanson was second shooting with me. Well as soon as we all stepped on the sand, all I could think about was “OMG MY FEET ARE ON FIRE!!”. The sand was literally so hot, my feet were getting burned. And the faces of Sarah and Nicole…ya…they were in pain too. But once they got up to the officiant, Jessie from Eclectic Unions, peace returned. No more walking. Just concentrating on the ceremony. And the sound of the waves. The ocean was seriously blue that day to help Sarah and Nicole’s color scheme of aqua and brown 😉

Then a few clouds started to come across the sky and create the most gorgeous light ever. Lara and I gave each other a “Score!” look and kept shooting.

The reception and couple shots are for another blog post.