American Visionary Museum Wedding Baltimore, MD

I am an American Visionary Museum Wedding addict. Having shot at AVAM before, I knew Laura and Kristin’s wedding would have that fun flair that creeps into every wedding held at the museum. They planned their wedding with being relaxed in mind; they got ready together and we headed off to do couple shots with plenty of time. So we explored and got so many fun couple shots I was trying not to give myself a high five. And then, the museum garden flooded with guests for a pre-ceremony hour of cocktails and fun. As the sun completely set, Shabbat was over and it was time to have the ceremony. Kristin and Laura worked closely with a lighting company to have dramatic ceremony photos that would look great at night. But Kristin and Laura didn’t have an easy wedding day. The strength of their amazing relationship was showcased to all present as Laura helped Kristin through the wedding day. Despite the frustration of a chronic illness rearing it’s ugly head. Despite the night ending in a trip to the ER and hospitalization. And everyone there knew that on that day, the day of celebrating their commitment, they were also living that commitment through it’s hardest trials.

Dress Stephanie James Couture // Hair Piece Stephanie James Couture // Dress Amy Kuschel // Flowers Local Color Flowers // Rabbi Panoff

Beautiful women and a beautiful wedding. I visited that museum once, and had I stayed in DC I probably would have wanted my wedding there (there was one setting up when I was there, and I was so fascinated by the idea).

It’s such an awesome venue. AVAM is so fun and funky, guests are always like ‘woaaaah, your getting married here??’ when they arrive

these are beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Kelly you are truly gifted

Aw, that’s so nice. They are such a great couple and gave me full creative freedom. I was using my tilt shift lens like woah and they were 100% supportive. I felt like a kid in a candy store- nothing was a ‘must have’ shot. They just wanted full-on creative shots.

Thanks! I have been ‘ohhh’ and ‘aaaahhh’ over your website when I was trying to find inspiration for my own. It’s sooo hot.