American Visionary Art Museum Wedding

When a wedding is held somewhere other than a hotel or traditional wedding venue, you can always expect a different, less traditional feel. But the American Visionary Museum takes that to a whole other level. With mosaic mirrors everywhere, a 50 foot poodle statue, and an amazing open loft for the reception area, you can’t help but feel like any wedding held there will scream ‘fun’.

And that’s what Jennifer and Heath wanted: tongue-in-cheek fun for the whole wedding. Maya, Jennifer’s daughter, was the helper at hand for most of the getting ready. She helped me find spots to shoot the paper flower bouquets, she introduced me to the Hotel Monaco in Baltimore goldfish, and even helped zip her mom up in her vintage wedding dress. And let me tell you: Maya likes pink. Pink pink pink! A girl after my own heart. We both swooned over Jennifer’s Vivienne Westwood Anglomania shoes with giant hearts on them. Maya even tried to walk around in them and I sneaked a picture. And Heath got a shave at Quinntessential Gentleman.

One picture request I got before the wedding was for a good shot of Jennifer’s tattoo she loves on her back as her dress was zipped up. And everything worked out perfectly- a bright red tattoo is just perfect for a great photograph! Not that everyone needs to run out and get a red tattoo now 😉 It was time for the first look, and of course, Hotel Monaco provided a perfect backdrop with stunning marble stairs for Jennifer to walk down and glimpse Heath. Hotel Monaco- I love your stairs. In DC or Baltimore, they are the perfect place for couple shots. Yay.

We made it to AVAM and could see Kate Beck Events making everything go go go! And before we knew it, it was time for the Ketubah signing. And minutes away from the ceremony- where Fifi, the giant 50 foot tall poodle, would watch over the evening’s ceremony.


These photos are GREAT! Love the variation of color themes (I don’t know if there are real words for that–can you tell I’m not a photographer?)

And that dress. My GOD, that dress.