Album Layouts

So now you know all about the different types of pages that albums offer, now what on earth do you print on them? There are various styles of album layout design and design in general, but here’s a few that are pretty widespread:

  • Clean and Modern: This is the style I use and love best. I want the photographs to shine, as this is a wedding album, and to be free of clutter. I use simple white backgrounds and then arrange the photos in a design scheme that doesn’t squish all the photos together to try to pack in as many as possible. Nope. I want the photographs to breathe and look their best with white space. It’s like going to an art gallery where they try to put waaay too many pieces in a room. It feels tense and awkward. You can’t enjoy the pieces by themselves. Your overwhelmed. This is exactly what I’m trying to avoid in a wedding album. I also like this look because my whole theory about wedding albums is that they should be as classic and timeless as possible. Face it, the next generation is going to laugh at our hair style/makeup/dress/flowers/whatever. But they shouldn’t see damask backgrounds in you wedding album that puts a giant “2008” stamp across it. Every album layout I design is based on the images picked by the couple, so each will be different, but here’s some pages that I recently sent off to be printed.

  • Background/Colorful: This type of layout uses lots of color and pattern in the background of the wedding album. Often, the colors are taken from the wedding itself. Images are often blown up to use as a background and then faded to allow other photos to be placed on top. Type is often used to add design elements as well.
  • Designer: This type of layout is used to make a more “Arty” kind of layout. Instead of colorful backgrounds, often photo borders and elegant patterns are used, like damask, to make it look more high end. Black is often the background color if a elegant pattern is not used, rather than white.

All these layout designs have their own strengths and everyone has their personal taste. But the thing to think about with your wedding album is: this is the best way to showcase the whole story of your wedding day. And because of that, you want to make sure it looks great now and 50 years from now. So think about what kind of design you want to have in your album.