Adopt A Rabbit Month

I’m a huge animal lover. Having volunteered at multiple animal shelters(starting at age 13 I volunteered every saturday at the Fairfax animal shelter- yes, I did want to save the world), worked at two different emergency animal hospitals for a total of 5 years, worked as an adoption counselor for a shelter and volunteering for multiple animal rescues, I have become very familiar with animal rescue.

I actually knew *nothing* about rabbits until I met one at the humane society. Who knew they were so smart, funny, and gentle!

I eventually adopted rabbits: I fell hard. I loved these two rabbits who ran around my living room, would kiss my face when I read on the floor, would flop all the way out on top of each other, and were litterbox trained. I happened to be working as an adoption counselor at the time for a shelter and we had so many rabbits(it was a few weeks after Easter) that we were putting down 2-3 rabbits a day because we had run out of space. I grew sick as each new rabbit was dropped off because people got their kid a rabbit for Easter and then realized “Crap! I have to take care of this?” so they took them to the shelter.

It felt like rabbits were this toss away animal- something was different about how people treated rabbits compared to dogs and cats. I needed to show how amazing and smart these animals were to people. So I became a foster mom for the House Rabbit Society.

February is adopt a rabbit month. So even if you don’t have room in your life to adopt a rabbit, spread the word about how amazing these creatures are. These creatures all deserve to be inside to show their full personality- not in a hutch outside to forget about. Don’t buy a rabbit- adopt! I know in DC alone there are over 200 rabbits right now waiting to find a forever home. And that’s just in the rescues.

And yes- I do have my own rabbits. They officially live in my home office but have free roam of the upstairs. Abraham was found on the streets of DC and disgusting when we got him. His favorite napping spot is on our bed. Guinevere was abandoned in the woods before someone spotted her and realized she was no wild rabbit! She was rescued from the woods(domestic bunnies are not wild bunnies and typically die if abandoned in the forest in a few days). Toby is our tinniest bunny who adores Guinevere and loves to follow her around.

Toby (the smallest bunny at 3.5 pounds)

Abraham (the rex rabbit, meaning his fur is as soft as velvet)

Guinevere (our biggest bunny at 10 pounds!)


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