5 Things You Need For a Summer Wedding

I know. You feel like you have enough to worry about without the added pressure of special ‘must haves’ for whatever season you’re getting married. But these 5 things will make your life a lot more comfortable for getting married in the summer.

  1. Sunscreen. I can hear the groan of ‘D’uuuuuuuuuh Kelly! Of course!!’. But of all the summer weddings I have photographed, I have maybe witnessed one or two couples put on sunscreen. They may have a cute basket of mini samples for their guests. But when it comes to themselves- it’s forgotten. You should be putting sunscreen anywhere the sun will hit you. Your face. Chest. Back. Feet. Whatever. And while you’re at it, go with a sunscreen like Alba Sport 45 Sunblock. It’s Leaping Bunny certified and I use it myself for weddings.
  2. A water bottle. You most likely will have a bag to hold various things like your sunscreen, change of shoes, sunglasses, emergency kit, etc. So make sure you pack a nice water bottle in that bag as well. Maybe you already sport a Klean Kanteen bottle. So fill it up the night. That way you’ll have something to sip as you wait to walk/skip/dance down the aisle. Just like I said in regards to Bridesmaids– hydration is key to not passing out!
  3. Anti-Bug Balm. I once was doing a wedding and didn’t know how badly the bride was allergic to bug bites. So…of course, she got bitten as she enjoyed her outdoor ceremony. And the rest of the wedding, she had half her face swollen and red. She totally forgot anti-bug balm!! So I now keep Badger Anti-Bug Balm with me. It’s not a spray so no worries about reapplying while in a tux, suit or dress. It’s easy to put on, smells really good for anti-bug stuff, and comes in a perfect little tin. Oh, it’s Leaping Bunny certified too. I used to be all about the most toxic stuff I could get because I get bitten sooooo much. But this stuff works.
  4. Portable fan. If you are wearing a wedding dress with a crinoline or layers- you are going to get mighty hot. Or if you plan on wearing a jacket with your suit, wheeeew. So a nice, battery powered, portable fan can help save the day when it gets so hot you feel like you are literally melting.
  5. And if I haven’t drilled this into your head enough: oil blotting sheets!!

The Warmth and Love are shown in these Wedding pictures. Since I’ve known Meighan for quite some time, it made me feel like I was right there with her. Love you guys. jaz