100 Mile Bike Ride

So I was lucky enough to go down to DC to cheer my little brother on in his 100 mile bike race. He normally bikes 20 miles a day to work, then 20 miles back home. So he’s in shape like you wouldn’t believe (I was thinking ‘After a 15 minute treadmill run I’m like a dead fish’). But I was proud of DJ for pushing himself, for making a goal, and then accomplishing it. He and I are very much the opposite. In fact, he makes algorithmes for a computer company as a financial analysts. He loves it. Thinking about his job makes my brain explode. I can’t even do long division!

So here’s my goal for 2011: To bike with him in the next race. Not the 100 mile race- I might actually die. But I’m going to push for the 50 mile one. One year. 50 mile race. I love that DJ’s so passionate about something like biking and I really want to share this with him. But to do that, I have a lot of work ahead of me. So next time you see me, ask me how the 50 mile bike race is coming.